All car enthusiasts share a hobby that’s frankly not so cheap. When you add all the parts and their cost, the car itself looks cheap. Thankfully there are parts manufacturers that know this and make high quality parts for less money. One of those brands is AP Suspensions from Germany, which has made suspension parts with the best price-quality ration on the market. This doesn’t mean there are products only for some cars. AP Suspension offers parts for almost every car on the market.

Adjustable Height for Perfect Handling

AP Suspension’s coilover kit offers manual height adjusting in a matter of minutes using a special tool you get with your new parts. Fitment doesn’t require additional body work or drilling, you just bolt on your new part in the same mounting points. Height adjusting is a great thing if you own only one car, especially if you share it with your wife or anyone who doesn’t look out for speed bumps or holes on the road. With the AP suspension coilover kit you get great lowering possibilities, adjustable height in a few minutes and superb handling.

Fixed lowering for a reasonable price

If you, on the other hand, own a daily and a second car for your tuning & styling hobby, a great way to get a lower center of gravity and better looks is with the AP suspension lowering springs. This is more economical than using coilover kits, especially if you don’t need to change the height of your car frequently. With the AP lowering springs you can lower your car up to 60mm. If you use your existing shock absorbers you can lower your car 40mm. If you want to lower your car more that 40mm, you should get AP suspension shock absorbers to combine with the AP lowering springs for the best results. Lowering springs come in a great colored finish so the look of your car stays awesome.

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Every car enthusiast wants to customize their car, but most of us don’t have the finances that will let us buy the most expensive or known brands. Also, every enthusiast that has a project car will tell you that a project car is never finished. Expensive parts may be an obstacle, so cheaper alternatives are the best way to continue working on a project car without waiting to save up enough money for a more expensive part that won’t give you anything more than AP suspension.

For less money, you get everything the same as you would with some brand that is more known than AP suspension. This is one of the reasons why AP suspensions are the best buying brand of suspension in the UK.