Huge amounts of power and torque require suspension that can handle the extra power you made by tuning your car. Upgrading your suspension may seem irrelevant because you don’t get extra torque or horsepower, but you get better lap times and reduce oversteer and understeer in corners. What you get is a possibility to put all that power to the ground. Upgrading your suspension and choosing the right setup can be the difference between first and second place in a race. Like Dominic Toretto said in Fast and Furious – “It doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winning is winning”. There are a lot of manufacturers and brands that offer performance suspension parts, but there is only one brand that takes the enthusiasts serious, and that brand is Eibach.

All the parts you need in one place

Preparing a car for the track, suspension-wise, is quite complex. Car manufacturers make suspension setups assuming that the cars will be driver in normal conditions, at regulated speeds. When you take a factory car and boost its horsepower by 150%, you need serious suspension upgrades. Sway bars for reducing body roll, springs to lower the centre of gravity and get more handling in corners, shocks, spacers… There are a lot of things you should consider when setting up your car. The good thing is, Eibach offers all of the key components to make your cars suspension ready for the track. No matter if you are an amateur or pro, Eibach has everything you need.

Benefits when choosing Eibach

Eibach products offer a lot more than you could expect. All products were designed and tested for car enthusiasts. Some of the benefits you get with Eibach are better 0-60 times, much better grip with less body roll, less nose-dive when braking and better stability all around. Not to mention the million mile warranty they have on all products. If you’re just starting racing your car, you need the best suspension setup you can get your hands on. A big problem for amateur racers is oversteer and understeer. Eibachs ERS system offers a combination of shocks and springs for almost every car make and model. Combining Eibach suspension elements for your car gives you complete control of what you want from your car. If you on the other hand drive your tuned car every day, you can get Eibach’s coilover system which gives you the option of setting up the ride height of your car so you don’t drive your daily to the market scraping the road. Great customer reviews of all of Eibach products give you enough insurance that your choice is the right one. If you still aren’t sure whether to choose Eibach for your car, just ask yourself why some racing teams use Eibach suspension elements in their race cars and formulas. Audi Sport (DTM), M-sport/Ford (WRC) and Motopark Academy (F3) have chosen Eibach as well as the majority of racing teams in F1.

For most car tuners it is already obvious that Eibach is the way to go. So the question is not: do I want to purchase Eibach springs? The question rather becomes, can I buy Eibach springs? They are definitely not the cheapest option on the market. Thanks to a company that goes by the name Extreme-Carstyling, almost every car tuner can afford the high quality Eibach products. Check out the assortment by clicking this link. Note: if you live in mainland UK, delivery is free of charge.