Many people think that exhaust systems direct exhaust gasses from the engine to the back of the car and eventually give the car sporty sound. People who think that is the only purpose of an exhaust system clearly don’t know much about cars. If you are a car enthusiast, you should know that exhaust systems have a much bigger role than this. Stock exhaust systems are built to silence the sound of a car as much as possible while reducing emission gasses from the engine itself. By doing this, airflow is also restricted so your car can’t reach up to its full potential. When you upgrade your stock exhaust system with an aftermarket one, you have better airflow, a sporty sound and a better look of the back of your car.

One of the leading exhaust systems manufacturer in the UK is FOX EXHAUST. This German exhaust manufacturer has been on the market since 1993. More than 20 years of experience and R&D have made it the first choice of many car enthusiasts in the UK. Upgrading your exhaust system with the FOX stainless steel exhaust system will give your car more power and a great sporty sound.

Aircraft-grade stainless steel exhaust systems

For the best quality, FOX is using aircraft-grade stainless steel for every component of the exhaust system they manufacture. Using the highest quality materials doesn’t mean best quality. R&D is also extremely important in these kinds of products and FOX has invested time to develop exhaust systems for almost every car on the market. Not only will these exhaust systems give you more power and a sporty sound, they will fit perfectly into the place where your old stock exhaust system used to be. Every FOX exhaust system comes with a three-year no mile warranty.

Performance and looks

Most car enthusiasts have an eye for detail when it comes to their car, especially the exterior look. FOX have taken this information and offer every exhaust system with hand-made, hand polished tailpipes. Shiny tailpipes don’t mean much for the common driver, but for the car enthusiast it’s one more thing that can significantly change the look of a car. Great looking tailpipes and a deep sporty sound make every car look better.

Available universal parts

If you already have an upgraded exhaust system and just want to change some part of the exhaust, there are tons of universal parts you can get from FOX exhausts. The most commonly changed part is the silencer and tailpipes, which change the sound of your car. They also offer pipes, flexible pipes, Y adapters, exhaust valves, gaskets, rubbers, clamps, db-reducers if you like your car to be as quiet as possible, heat protection wrap and much more.